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Client: Virtual Sounds

Virtual Sounds

Back in 2010 Errin Brown of Virtual Sounds needed to prepare his company for the growth that was about to happen. When he learned of the chance to go see a company in action, he jumped on it. We spent 3 days with Virtual Sounds and allowed the chance to see every aspect of our business, as well as consult with them on things that they need to be prepared for.

We were able to show them concepts in marketing, general business stats and organization which would help them as they grow. We were able to listen to him and help him with the exact things he and the team needed help with, as well as open their eyes up to other, new ways, of doing things.

They were able to get so much information, that as of today, they are "Tearing it up!" His bottom line has increased over 40%, he has already surpassed last years totals (and its only March) and his team is on the same page as him.

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