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Client: BC Productions

Company Growth

For this particular consultation, Ryan Burger (President of Mobile Beat, Inc.) was very interested in seeing how our operation was ran. He already had a great operation in front of him, he just wanted to see how a larger company did things. He was able to send his General Manager Jake Feldman out for a few days to not only see how we do things internally, but also on events.

Each consultation that we do is varied. For BC productions, it was more seeing how things are done from a 30,000 foot view. How gear is managed, how the marketing plan is implemented, how event information is handled, as well as many other systems. We spent about 3 days prior to Jake coming to our office honing in on the exact plan that we were going to follow. SInce that trip out, BC production has moved into brand new corporate offices, hired a new DJ sales rep and are planning on expanding the company even further into our areas of production.

"Having witnessed Jason's presentation numerous times and seeing his operation first hand, I can say he is one of the most knowledgeable assets to our industry and to your company." Jake Feldman

Thanks Jake!

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