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Client Update!

We just received an exciting update from a recent Synergetic Consulting Boot Camp Client! In just a little over a month since their time with Jason, they have started the process of interviewing for an admin position, hired additional DJs, and are closing on an office space! In addition to those exciting steps, they're also going to be investing in themselves by attending Wedding MBA this fall! We're so thrilled to hear such amazing progress!


Ready to take your business to the next level?  Then you're ready for our 3-day Boot CampA valuable coaching program where you get hands-on training and interaction with our entire team for 3 days. Learn from our success and mistakes! Learn more here!

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Synergetic Consulting Boot Camp

Synergetic Consulting is pleased to offer our Boot Camp training course for small to medium-sized businesses who are looking to advance to the next level. The course focuses on management, sales, and human resource development within your company. This intensive 3-day program will allow you to work one-on-one with a successful entrepreneur and the team behind the business. Throughout the course, you will learn how we operate and how you can apply our knowledge and expertise into your business, accelerating your path to success.

The course will consist of hands-on training with our sales, human resources, marketing, administrative, and project management teams. During this time, you are encouraged to take notes and ask questions to gain further insight. The interactive nature of this course allows the training to be customized to fit your company’s needs.

The course features: 

  • ·         3 days of intensive workshops, hands-on training, and business management education
  • ·         Sales & metrics training
  • ·         Human resources coaching
  • ·         Meet with our department heads to see how they contribute to our success
  • ·         Optimize your departmental responsibilities by utilizing delegation
  • ·         Review our customer relationship management (CRM) software and learn how to incorporate organizational tools into your business
  • ·         Question & answer sessions with Jason and the team


If you or someone you know may be interested, email us at or call 800-935-9714.

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I love getting stories like this. We consulted with Erinn Brown last year and he recently just sent me a text that read.

"Hey man it's Errin Brown down in NC. I know you're doing well cause I have been keeping track, but I just wanted to let you know since I came to see you a little over a year ago I have been tearing it up. Increased my bottom line 40%. Crazy. Off to my best year ever. I have already passed my totals from last year and it's only February.  Love to chat with you sometime."

Erinn came to our 3 day boot camp and clearly took a lot from it. Thanks for the kind words Erinn!

If you are interested in the boot camp, please call me and we can discuss it in more detail.

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Consulting with Chicago

These past few days were spent with Mike and Rodney from MDM Entertainment based in Chicago. What a great business they have out there. And hopefully after 3 days of working with them on some little things, they will have really grown the business even more.

I love doing the smaller classes for LightShop. They really allow me to focus on the very specific issues that you may need work on. So if you can't make the dates for the LightShop, give me a call and lets come up with a time that works for you. You get all the benefits of the LightShop, plus the personal attention of just you and I.

Feel free to call me anytime!

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Want one to one interaction?

If for some reason you want more personalized attention with the LightShop seminars, you may think about calling me and setting up a time that just you can come to our office and learn. Maybe the LightShop dates don't work with your schedule. Maybe you want a very specific learning environment.

Whatever the case may be, call me and let's discuss something that fits for both of us. We can work around your schedule and your time. This is a great way to learn what you WANT to learn.

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One of the things I want to try and do is help very small event based businesses get a good footing, a good ground level structure to their business. I don’t want to bombard you with too many books or suggestions. I don’t want to overwhelm you with chores or boring assignments. I want this to be fun.

The first few things we will do together are to really try and find out where you want to be and who you want to work with. Then we will start to organize your thoughts and begin to work on a plan. But I promise I will make it fun. But you have to call me. I swear I will make it very easy. I don’t have any long, boring systems or drills. I will just talk to you like a normal human being and just get you to start thinking a little differently.

In the mean time, if you still aren’t ready to call, let me give you the biggest, single piece of advice that you need to know. Ready for it…Answer the phone.

I can write a book about those three words. When you are ready, call me and I will tell you what I mean by them. Have a great day!

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